Circa 1981:


Nothing like family! Here I am on the right (the littlest one) around five years old with my two sisters and cousin.

June 2018: 


Me and my kiddos in the backyard of our old house. I look at this picture and feel truly blessed. 

May 2017:


Here I am at the party I threw for my team for winning the qualifications to receive a free Lexus with my company.  I wanted this prize so badly yet when I received it, I realized that the reward put me into debt and meant more to me than anyone else.

Once I realized my business no longer served me, I sold it.  I drove my car seven hours to a buyer of my business and never looked back. 

December 2018:

I promised my children we would go to Disney world and finally we did in December 2018. My three children had a magical Disney experience.  I am truly grateful for every moment spent with my kids on this trip. 

July 2018:

Here, I am teaching 

approximately 50 people yoga for the clothing store Lululemon in Chestnut Hill, MA. This was a volunteer class that I loved.

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